Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Report 2015 Sears Holdings Corporation

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Although we do not own a transportation fleet, our logistics team works with third-party carrier providers to promote sustainability through fuel efficiency. Our No Idling Policy, combined with our participation in the EPA SmartWay program, helps Sears Holdings maintain environmentally friendly shipping operations.

EPA SmartWay
Sears Holdings is a proud member of the EPA SmartWay program and seeks to work primarily with carriers that also participate in the program. EPA SmartWay is dedicated to helping companies improve fuel efficiency and reduce their impact on climate change and local air quality.
No Idling Policy
In an effort to eliminate unnecessary fuel consumption, the Innovel Solutions Inc. team enforces a No Idling Policy for all vehicles executing business operations at Sears Holdings distribution facilities. All business-related vehicles awaiting access or parked on distribution properties must adhere to the policy. 
Intermodal Transportation
At Sears Holdings, we conduct a large portion our shipping via intermodal transportation. Our preference for rail transportation allows us to significantly reduce our carbon footprint and protect the environment. In fact, nearly 60 percent of our shipping miles are covered by rail transportation rather than over-the-road (truck) transportation. Rail transportation is approximately three times as fuel efficient as traditional highway shipping via trucking freighters.