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Our commitment to the environment extends beyond our business operations. We understand the collective impact of our members provides tremendous opportunity to have a positive effect on the environment. As such, we are focused on providing our members with products, services and information that help them make more sustainable purchasing decisions. Fundamental to this effort is our corporate partnership with the U.S. EPA ENERGY STAR program. 
Sears Holdings & ENERGY STAR

Sears Holdings has been a collaborative partner with the EPA since the ENERGY STAR program first launched 24 years ago. During this time, we have established ourselves as a preeminent ENERGY STAR retailer. This success has been possible through the hard work of our business units, our marketing team’s promotion of the ENERGY STAR brand, and our merchant teams who use the certification when considering product assortments.

EPA ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year
In 2015, Sears Holdings was honored to receive the EPA Energy STAR Partner of the Year Sustained Excellence Award in both the Retail and Energy Management categories, making it the sixth consecutive year of EPA recognition for retail achievement, and the fourth consecutive year of EPA recognition for energy management achievement. Our long-standing efforts exemplify commitment to leveraging our integrated retail capabilities for maximum energy efficiency in the marketplace, and to maintaining our status as a leading ENERGY STAR program partner.
Sears Holdings ENERGY STAR Awards History
2001:  Partner of the Year - Retailer
2002:  Partner of the Year - Retailer
2004: Excellence Awards - Appliance Retailing
2005: Excellence Awards - Appliance Retailing
2006: Excellence Awards - ENERGY STAR Outreach
2007: Excellence Awards - Appliance Retailing
2009: Special Recognition - Retail Commitment
2010: Partner of the Year - Retailer
2011: Partner of the Year - Retailer
2012: Partner of the Year - Retailer & Energy Management; Corporate Commitment Award
2013: Sustained Excellence - Retail; Sustained Excellence - Energy Management
2014: Sustained Excellence - Retail; Sustained Excellence - Energy Management
2015: Sustained Excellence - Retail; Sustained Excellence - Energy Management
ENERGY STAR Product Portfolio
We continue to develop business strategies related to ENERGY STAR product selection in our stores and online. Sears strives to lead the way in promoting energy-efficient products to our customers, allowing them access to quality goods while saving energy and money. In 2015, we introduced ENERGY STAR certified dryers to our assortment, upgraded our online energy rebate finder, grew our lighting category to include more LEDs, and worked to develop a national retail products platform around ENERGY STAR products.

Sears Home Services
In 2015, Sears Home Services partnered with Renovate America's award-winning HERO program - a nationwide leader in Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing options - to assist homeowners in California to fund energy efficient home improvements. Through this partnership, Sears Home Services customers in California are choosing higher energy-efficient products for home improvement, which helps customers consider their whole home from the standpoint of energy efficiency.

Our Home Improvement team, a part of the Home Services Business Unit, continues to show strong ENERGY STAR certified product sales and is proud to have completed 99 percent of their door and window installations with ENERGY STAR certified products.


The Kenmore brand is an industry leader in delivering trusted performance in the home, with exclusive features and innovations that no other brand can bring. Recognized as a top appliance brand for over 100 years, Kenmore continues to evolve to help customers cook, clean and live better.

In 2015, Kenmore introduced a Kenmore PRO suite, which provides customized professional kitchen design and unbeatable features at an affordable price.

Additionally in 2015, the Kenmore brand was honored with seven 2015 Best of Year awards, nearly half of which were ENERGY STAR certified products. We are honored to receive this recognition from one of the most highly regarded product review companies in the industry. This type of recognition validates our commitment to improving the lives of our customers.

Connected Solutions®

Our Consumer Solutions platform has continued to transform itself to meet the needs of our members and in 2015, we introduced a 4,000-square-foot Sears Connected Solution flagship store at our Sears location in San Bruno, California. This product experience demonstrates Sears' commitment to helping improve the lives of our members with a total package of home and personal automation products and services. The shop in San Bruno offers customers an experience to explore, learn and interact with connected products and see them working in the context of a home environment. Additionally, our associates work with customers to help them make informed purchasing decisions and show them how to install their connected products at home.

At Kmart, we provide our customers with affordable and safe products for their everyday lives. Here are a few of our own brand products we are particularly proud of:

  • All Little Ones liquid toiletries are paraben and BPA-free. Parabens and BPA have been linked to allergic reactions, alterations in estrogen levels, and hormonal and behavioral changes.
  • Smart Sense bottled water is made from 100 percent recyclable material and Eco-Air® certified packaging. Our manufacturing partner states: We have eliminated the need for a cardboard tray and our cases take up less pallet space, which allows us to ship more water per order and subsequently reduce our CO2 emissions. We have also reduced the amount of plastic used in our water bottles by 60 percent over the last 15 years. This reduced weight allows the use of less energy in production, reducing the carbon footprint of the product.
  • Many of our Smart Sense household goods (bath tissue, paper towel, facial tissue, etc.) carry the Rainforest Alliance accredited Forest Stewardship Council certification. This certification ensures products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. The remaining paper goods will be certified by January 2017.
  • Many of our Smart Sense cleaning supplies (sprays and triggers) are free of CFCs or other ozone-depleting substances. 

Sears Holdings' Green Leadership Program
Sears Holdings' Green Leadership Team® works to promote energy-efficient and ENERGY STAR certified products and services while communicating their economic and environmental benefits to our members, customers and associates. The team accomplishes this by establishing strategic relationships with various members of the energy efficiency industry, such as utility companies across the U.S., the EPA and various program administrators. These collaborations have brought impactful energy saving programs to our stakeholders using new channels and touch points that help our customers stay engaged in energy efficiency practices.